Main Principles and Core Values

1 – Knowledge and Morals are real twin.
2 – Education is the identity of the nations.
3 – We have come to this world to learn and to grow.
4 – Increasing global awareness through professional learning community.
5 – One choice changes everything. Our choice is to bring enlightenment to our children who we believe will be the future of the world.
6- To love and respect all living beings is to be rooted in your spirituality.
7- The system is the King of the school. It is strong, inevitable but fair.
8- The ideal learning environment is one that is well organized and conceived, yet flexible and responsive for the need of change.
9- Establish a high degree of trust and respect.
10- Make sure both learner and mentor are committed to the learner success.
11- Students are to be involved in the learning process.
12- Challenge is a major factor in acquiring knowledge.
13- Self-assessment goes hand by hand with mentor assessment.
14- Measure and document progress and growth.

15- Motivating students is the mean to shifting the ownership of learning to the students themselves.
16- Appreciate diversity of learners.
17- Emphasize time on task. To establish discipline is to establish accuracy.
18 –Activate class discussions, individual, pairs and groups participation.
19- Sharing values among students and getting them to know and help each other.
20- High expectation. Expect more and you will get it.
21- Respect divers talents and ways of learning: students need the opportunity to show their talents and learn in ways that work for them.
22- Reasonable class sizes are essential to a quality-learning environment.
23- What we learn becomes a part of who we are.
24- Teaching is a work of heart.
25- The teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom